Phase Change

Backed by the industries leading technology and research.


Infinite-R™ works to shield your building from hot roof termperatures in summer, while stagbilizing interior heating temperatures in the winter. This stops drastic termperature drops overnight during "un-occupide" cycles.


The reduced change in drastic temperatures require less work from and AC/Heating unit resulting in a lower electric bill. Savings from electric bills will help to fund your next roofing project.

Research & Technology

Infinite-R™ is backed by industry leading technology in reducing the fluctuation in temperatures in sturctures.

Peace of mind

Backed by years of research, you can rest assured that the Infinite-R™ mats will pay for themselves, giving you peace of mind.

How it works

Phase Change Materials work like ice inside of a cooler. As they melt, they absorb heat without changing temperature until completely melted. As they freeze, they release that heat back again.

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Underwriter Laboratories

Underwriters Laboratories is standards-setting organization, combining extensive safety research, scientific expertise and input from stakeholders to advance safety science that leads to safe living and working environments. Underwriters Laboratories develops and publishes consensus standards that guide the safety, performance and sustainability of new and evolving technologies and services to deliver solutions for industries fro household appliances to smoke alarms to batteries to environment to cybersecurity and building materials.